“If I enlist my favorite stories half of the book will be covered but being strictest in the sense of judgment after going through them multiple times, my favorite stories are: ‘Not a Love Story’,  exploring the emotions of two people only met as strangers though they are long lost warriors, ‘If You Don’t Succeed At First’,  a story of multiple incarnations and lessons from each which truly gave me the feeling of final shot of the Matrix Trilogy, ‘Miles To Go’ on Kumbhakarana’s sleep, ‘Heart Of Stone’, a brilliantly explored science fiction extrapolated from Ahalya’s story. Topping this list again are ‘What Doesn’t Kill Me’, a truthful 21st-century extrapolation of my favorite character – Draupadi and best of all – probably out of bias for the strength of a woman – it’s ‘Best Served Cold’, which you must just read.

If TV series producers from anywhere are looking for an inspiration for an Indian science-mythology fiction series some of these stories will look amazing on screen.”

(Full review) – Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul

The Readers Cosmos

“The book has stories based on mythological tales, but set in present and more realistic times. Even with a familiar tale, the author has given them a fresh and unexpected twist. Each story had enough surprises to keep me engaged. There is no usage of cliches and no fantastical explanations. It’s an engaging short read.”

(Full review) – Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul

Lata S

“I stumbled upon Sudha Kuruganti’s blog when I was vehemently searching for some worthwhile Baahubali fan fiction. She had posted a bewitching fanfic titled ‘Elemental’ and I was bowled over. There was just so much depth and justification to each character in the description of the piece and that’s when I realized that I had to check out her book. Oh, and also, the book cover screamed badass women!

To begin with, the title is positively intriguing and promising. The contemporary counterparts of the original characters were staggeringly justified in their portrayals, especially Parashuram, Surpanakha, Mohini and Amba (My personal faves). The varying shades of the respective characters intensified with the unexpected twists in each story. What’s not to love about this book when it has horror, romance, murder, psychologically thrilling elements and much more.

This book confuted pre-conceived and clichéd depictions of the characters you know and love. Sheer raw darkness was brought out in even the haloed characters such as Ram in To the Victor and Surpanakha, the malefic demoness (we all know and hate) got to tell her side of the story. Be it the revelation of Sugreeva’s true intentions or Parashuram’s appalling vindication of his mother’s murder, both the scenarios maneuver to the characters just being human. Meaning, it reflects human emotions like jealousy and rage which were personified beautifully.

Best Served Cold was my personal favourite, hands down! By the time I was done with the story, my chest heaved with a primal gratification (you’ll know when you read it). Let me just say that it was one in the morning when I caught up to Storyteller and my reaction wasn’t a pretty sight (panting hard). As for Timeless, the final punch was quite poignant and immensely enjoyable.

Like I said before if you’re looking to give this genre a try, you better start with this one!”

(Full review) – Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul

Aaliya Thahseen

“I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It is a collection of short stories originating in the Hindu mythology and a refreshing change from the same old re-churning of Hindu mythology related books where all the author does is shift the narratorial focus from one character to the other. This book however actually tells different stories, different interpretations of the mythology. A really good book for a first-time author.”

(Full review) – Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul

Soumya Mahapatra

“Haunting and enchanting. A wonderful and innovative take on Indian mythology, a first of its kind in our literary diaspora.  Sudha manages to keep our interest piqued till the last story, and how! Each mythological story is followed by a modern-day contemporary tale which you can relate to, yet feel the throbbing vein of the mythological one. Marvellous story telling. Sudha’s language is flawless and ridiculously simple to understand, and she manages to weave one tale after the other in the same heart-stopping pace. ”

(Full review) – Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul

Sriramana Muliya, author – “Frankly Spooking”

Some of my favorites are A Plate of Rice, Together Forever (by Sudha Kuruganti), Beautiful and Mr and Mrs Sampath. The writing is fresh and original.These are the ones which I thought were left incomplete by authors, written intelligently and lingered on in my mind.

(Full review) – The Long and Short of It


Paakhi Shrivastav

“It’s absolutely refreshing to read such an original and different book. Usually when reading a book of short stories, i find that i easily get bored or skip some of the stories, however with this book i did not. the feeling of nervousness excitement and bliss never seem to go away with this book. I completely and utterly recommend that everyone reads this book its truly a wonderful read! and quite a quick one too!”

(Full review) – Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul

Charlotte Bell