The stories are short enough to be light reads but the impact is fairly long lasting.It’s absolutely worth the price and will surely be a great companion on journeys, with a drink in solitude or as a bedtime read. Go ahead, give it a shot!

(Full review) – Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul.

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“HAUNTING and enchanting. A wonderful and innovative take on Indian mythology, a first of its kind in our literary diaspora.”

– Sriramana Muliya, author, Frankly Spooking.

Sriramana Muliya

This book is a good choice for anyone delving into Indian mythology for the first time – a darkly colorful mix of everything – romance to horror to fantasy to even humor. My favourites in the book are To The Victors, Soul Eater, and Storyteller. Give it a read!

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Sreesha Divakaran

Some of my favorites are A Plate of Rice, Together Forever (by Sudha Kuruganti), Beautiful and Mr and Mrs Sampath. The writing is fresh and original.These are the ones which I thought were left incomplete by authors, written intelligently and lingered on in my mind.

(Full review) – The Long and Short of It.


Paakhi Shrivastav